Hanex technicians repair products to the highest standards, they use original Tascam parts and guarantee the work they carry out. Whether your product is still under warranty or not, we can help – simply choose your product type below and follow the instructions to get it fixed.


Tascam is a manufacturer of professional analog and digital recording equipment. It was founded in 1971 and has since made a name for itself with innovative products such as the Portastudio's, Open reel tape recorders, Digital recorders such as DAT and DTRS, Analog and digital mixers and an extensive range of computer interfaces.
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The right place for Tascam repairs and spares.

Hanex Service is the official authorized repair center for all Tascam products.
You can contact us for both in warranty repair for the Netherlands and non-warranty repairs for other countries.

We repair for private individuals, retailers, studios, musicians and importer Teac Europe itself.
Hanex Service has been the service center for Tascam for more than 2 decades, however our experience and roots go back to the early 1990s.
Whether it concerns a DTRS machine such as the DA-88, a Minidisc recorder such as the MD-801R, a digital console such as the Dm-4800 or analog tape products, we have the knowledge and experience in-house.
Thanks to our many years of knowledge and experience, we recognize almost any malfunction so that we can repair your device quickly and reliably at a reasonable price.

We have all the service documentation, updates and modifications so that your device often returns in a better condition than ever before. We also have specific tools to replace or reprogram components, which means that expensive parts such as printed circuit boards are usually unnecessary.


Large stock of parts available

The most common parts are available from stock or delivered within a few days, which means that the repair time can remain short.
If a part is no longer available, we also have a large amount of donor devices so that we can often still repair the device.


Pickup Service

We work closely with a number of shippers and can have the defective device picked up at the address on the day of your choice or you can easily bring it to a drop-off point.
Of course, you can also bring your device to us in Leimuiden to hand it over to us personally.



If the device falls outside the warranty period, you will receive a quotation after assessment by our technicians if the costs exceed the previously agreed limit. You can then decide whether you want to have the repair done. The quotation is free if you have the device repaired by us or if you leave it unrepaired. If you want the device to be returned unrepaired, we will charge you part of the costs incurred, namely € 40, - excl. 21% VAT and shipping costs.


We like to help you!

If your Tascam equipment experiences a malfunction, please contact us so that we can inform you about the possibilities for a repair and the expected costs.

When you are looking for parts or an accessory such as a remote control, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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