Need your professional audio equipment repaired? Hanex has been the official service center for brands such as Avid Audio, Art Pro Audio, Tascam, Universal Audio, and Yamaha for over twenty years. In addition to the brands for which we are a service partner, we also repair audio equipment from other brands.


Repairs of, among others:

  • Speakers
  • DJ boxes
  • Mixers and mixing consoles
  • Peripheral equipment
  • Amplifiers
  • Pro audio
  • Professional media players
  • Microphones


Je professionele audio laten repareren, binnen of buiten garantie

Als officieel servicepunt repareert Hanex meer dan 20 merken binnen garantie. Buiten garantie kun je met alle merken bij ons terecht.


Assured of expert repairs

For decades, we have been repairing audio equipment, from analog electronics to modern digital systems. In addition, we have years of experience in fine mechanics in digital recording equipment, open-reel as well as cassette and optical drives.

In most cases, repair turns out to be worthwhile because our repairers repair as much as possible at the component level. This means that costly parts such as printed circuit boards do not need to be replaced. Want to know if repair is worth it? Simply register a repair here or call 0172 506 993 (have brand name and type at hand).


Applied Research and Technology
Bowers & Wilkins
Magnum Dynalab
Advance Paris
Bel Canto
Musical Fidelity
Universal Audio
Cambridge Audio
Line 6
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